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Sen. Jason Rarick honored as 2019 Energy Champion

Joel Johnson, Director of The Coalition for a Secure Energy Future (The Coalition) is announcing a series of “Energy Champion” awards to a group of bipartisan Minnesota legislators.  Recipients of the award have championed an all-of-the-above energy strategy for Minnesota to ensure that consumers and businesses have access to affordable and reliable electricity.

“The Coalition is proud to recognize the work of Sen. Jason Rarick (R-Pine City) who is dedicated to ensuring that hardworking Minnesota families have access to affordable and reliable electricity,” Johnson said. “Sen. Rarick has been a career long advocate for affordable and reliable electricity including support for next generation technologies like carbon capture. Sen. Rarick understands that electricity can be cleaner and cheaper if we work together to embrace innovation.”

The award was presented to Sen. Simonson by former Representative Loren Solberg (DFL-Grand Rapids).  Mr. Solberg serves as co-chair of the Coalition.

“Energy costs can make up a significant chunk of a monthly family budget,” said Sen. Rarick. “Not only were Minnesota’s residential electricity costs the highest in the region in 2018, they were as high as they have ever been. We can make a real difference in people’s lives if we embrace the innovation and creativity that will make energy cheaper and cleaner. I am proud to work with the Coalition for a Secure Energy Future to achieve that goal, and humbled to be named their Energy Champion for 2019.

The Coalition was founded in 2014 to enhance, preserve, and protect our diverse set of energy resources, including coal-based electricity, to ensure a continued affordable and reliable energy supply for families and businesses in Minnesota.  Learn more at

The Lignite Energy Council works to maintain a viable lignite coal industry and enhance development of the region’s lignite coal resources for use in generating electricity, synthetic natural gas and valuable byproducts. Members of the Lignite Energy Council include mining companies, major users that use lignite to generate electricity, synthetic natural gas and other valuable byproducts, and businesses that provide goods and services to the lignite industry.



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