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MISO survey results indicate tight resource capacity in the upcoming planning year

Per release from MISO:

MISO and the Organization of MISO States released the annual OMS-MISO survey results, which indicate a growing capacity deficit beginning in the 2025/26 planning year. Next summer, MISO could see resource sufficiency ranging from a 2.7 GW capacity shortfall to a 1.1 GW surplus, underscoring the need to accelerate resource additions, monitor large load additions, and delay resource retirements to reliably manage the anticipated growth in electricity demand.

“Ensuring a reliable energy supply is more critical than ever. As we face tightening capacity reserve margins compounded with rapid and large load additions, it is imperative for everyone from developers (new load and generation), economic development authorities, utilities, regulators, MISO, and other stakeholders to work in close coordination. Collaboration is essential to meet the growing demands of the MISO footprint and the rapidly changing system,” said Josh Byrnes, president of the Organization of MISO States and member of the Iowa Utilities Board. “Working together will ensure we collectively navigate the challenges ahead to ensure resource adequacy.”


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