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Report: North Dakota residents spend 17% less on essential utilities than average Americans

InForum news recently shared a new study about the impact low cost electricity has on the ability for North Dakotans to afford everyday life.

North Dakotans spend roughly 17% less on basic utilities than the average American household, an annual report has concluded.

Compiled by Angi, an internet services company, the report used data from various sources to determine the average monthly expenditures on essential utilities — defined as electric, water, natural gas, and basic internet and cable packages — that residents of all 50 states make.

On average, North Dakotans were found to spend $238.17 on essential utilities, the sixth lowest cost of all 50 states. Those living in Idaho, Montana, New Mexico and Nebraska spend between $220 to $238, while Utahans spend the least, with an average cost of $205.28 monthly.


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