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New Electric Vehicle Chargers Installed at Sanford Health

FARGO, N.D. — Cass County Electric Cooperative teams up with Lignite Energy Council and Sanford Health to install new charging stations for electric cars.

Four electric vehicle chargers will soon be ready for use at Sanford’s new location near Interstate 94

The chargers are part of the Electric Cooperative’s plan to keep the Fargo area at the forefront of emerging energy trends.

“Electric vehicle technology is advancing everyday. More and more vehicle manufacturers are announcing more electric vehicle models everyday, and we see that’s where that trend is going, so Cass County Electric wants to support that,” said Chad Brousseau, the Manager of Energy Services of Cass County Electric Cooperative.

The CCEC also partnered with the West Acres Mall back in 2016 to install electric car chargers in their parking lot.

They hope to join forces with other groups in the near future.


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