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Energy governors press Congress to back climate-friendly technologies that help coal, oil

The Washington Examiner is reporting that six Governors are urging Congress to include incentives for carbon capture and sequestration as part of the deal in Congress for a two year budget:

A bipartisan group of governors from six major energy-producing states pressed congressional leaders Wednesday to back subsidies for advanced coal power plants in a tax extenders bill expected to come up later this year.

The group of four GOP and two Democratic governors want a tax credit for technologies used at coal plants and other fossil-fueled facilities to cut carbon dioxide emissions, called carbon capture.

“As governors committed to technology innovation and investments that increase American energy production, create good-paying, highly skilled jobs, and reduce emissions, we urge you to enact federal financial incentives to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from power plants and industrial facilities,” the governors wrote to Senate and House leaders.

Read the full story here.

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