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Coalition for a Secure Energy Future honors Sen. Bill Weber with Energy Champion Award


WORTHINGTON, MN) – The Coalition for a Secure Energy Future (The Coalition) is announcing a series of “Energy Champion” awards to a group of Minnesota legislators. Recipients of the award have championed an all-of-the-above energy strategy for Minnesota to ensure that consumers and businesses have access to affordable and reliable electricity.

“The Coalition is proud to recognize Sen. Bill Weber (R-Luverne) for the second time as a passionate advocate to protect Minnesota families from higher energy costs,” said Luke Hellier, Director for the Coalition for a Secure Energy Future. “As a two-time recipient of the Energy Champion Award, Sen. Weber has consistently led the discussion in St. Paul to ensure Minnesota continues to utilize its diverse set of energy resources to safeguard the grid and provide affordable energy to homes and businesses.”

“Minnesota consumers and businesses are getting crushed by rising energy costs,” Senator Weber said. “Part of the reason is the result of flawed policy choices and politics that have created an overreliance on wind and solar energy, both of which remain too expensive compared to their return. Minnesota cannot afford to become one-dimensional with its energy strategy. Instead, we must embrace an “all of the above” plan that delivers a safe, affordable, and reliable energy supply while moving to make it cleaner and more efficient in the future.”

The Coalition was founded in 2014 to enhance, preserve, and protect our diverse set of energy resources, including coal-based electricity, to ensure a continued affordable and reliable energy supply for families and businesses in Minnesota. Learn more at


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