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Allam Cycle success in Texas

According to a new report, the Allam Cycle Carbon Capture pilot power plant in Texas is on line and operating:

NET Power has developed a novel power system that produces low-cost, reliable, and flexible electricity from natural gas, while generating no atmospheric emissions, including full CO₂ capture and no NOx production.  In May of this year, NET Power achieved first-fire at its 50MWth La Porte, Texas, demonstration facility, which is the world's first and only industrial-scale supercritical CO2-based power plant.  The first phase of testing successfully demonstrated the novel combustor at full scale and the operability of the NET Power process.  The last phase of testing will commence shortly and is expected to be completed by early 2019.   At that time, NET Power expects to have the data necessary to commence detailed engineering of 300MWe commercial scale plants with major power, oil and gas, and industrial customers around the world.

This exciting development in carbon capture technology is a game changer for our region's energy future. Learn more about the Allam Project here.


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