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Act now so North Dakota can be a leader in the soon-to-boom carbon-capture industry

Grand Forks Herald Editorial:

A month before Gov. Doug Burgum gave his State of the State speech, he spent time with the Grand Forks Herald’s editorial board and let slip his enthusiasm for making the state a leader in carbon-capture technology.

While discussing his annual budget address – which he had given the day before – the governor veered into a discussion about North Dakota’s position as a possible national leader in capturing and storing carbon dioxide below ground.

Sure enough, the governor discussed it four weeks later during his Jan. 3 State of the State address, which kicked off the 2023 session of the Legislature.

In his speech, he called on lawmakers to push $550 million into the “Clean Sustainable Energy Fund,” according to a report by Forum News Service. The primary purpose of the fund, which was created in 2021, is to lend support to carbon-capture ventures in the state.


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