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Sen. Paul Utke recognized as Energy Champion

(PARK RAPIDS, MN) – The Coalition for a Secure Energy Future (The Coalition) is announcing a series of “Energy Champion” awards to a group of Minnesota legislators. Recipients of the award have championed an all-of-the-above energy strategy for Minnesota to ensure that consumers and businesses have access to affordable and reliable electricity.

“The Coalition is proud to recognize Sen. Paul Utke as a dedicated leader for his work on behalf of Minnesotans who count on reliable, affordable, and resilient electricity,” said Luke Hellier, Director for the Coalition for a Secure Energy Future. “Sen. Utke has been a career long advocate for Minnesota to utilize our diverse energy supply. We look forward to his continued leadership on this important issue.”

"I am honored to receive this award from the Coalition, and I will continue to work on energy initiatives that focus on reliability and affordability for all Minnesotans,” said Sen. Utke upon receiving the award.

“On behalf of the Itasca-Mantrap board of directors, I want thank Senator Utke for his continued work as an Energy Champion securing Minnesota’s energy future. Congratulations on this great achievement.”

The award was presented to Sen. Utke by Chris Fox, CEO of Itasca-Mantrap Electric Cooperative.



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