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Republicans, Democrats join to support MN Senate Energy Bill

Minnesota Senate Republicans were joined by four Democrat-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Senators to support passage of the Senate Jobs and Energy Omnibus bill:

Per release from the Senate Republicans:

The energy budget bill invests millions in provisions related to Minnesota’s energy, public utilities, and telecommunications, prioritizing efficiencies and reforms that will save ratepayers money. In addition to creating a solar grant program for schools, the budget includes reforms to community solar gardens, making the program more competitive and cutting energy bills for Minnesotans. The bill includes provisions lifting the renewable energy standard cap on hydropower and the moratorium on nuclear energy plant construction, as well as funding for a study to determine the best methods for energy storage in the state. The budget also creates a revolving loan fund for electric vehicle charging stations at businesses and government agencies, which will be repaid through user-paid charging station fees.

The bill also amended the definitions of clean energy to include carbon capture technology.


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